AgKnowledge Africa ShareFair

Day 0 Face to Face KS techniques


The aim of this session is to share learning and experience between participants on ways to facilitate and energise knowledge sharing without using any digital technologies. We will open each session with a short Open Space to identify topics of interest and experiences to share

Potential topics, potential facilitators

Peer Assist
Willem Bettink, Roxi
Open Space
Gauri Salokhe, Roxi Samii (Pete Cranston)
Fish Bowl
Gauri Salokhe, Ewen Leborgne
After Action Review
Ednah Karamagi & Mary Nakirya
World Café
Charles Dhewa, Ewen Leborgne
Ice breakers
Roxi Samii
Janet Achora & Maureen Agena
Pete Cranston
Story Telling
Charles Dhewa, Roselinie Murota

Resources and Location

We will be in large ‘tents’ - largish, flexible spaces – with 4 flip charts and four pin boards. Chairs will be arranged in a circle and there will be some tables available in the space. That gives us maximum flexibility.

Proposed Process

At the beginning of both the morning and the afternoon session we will sit in a circle for introductions. We will introduce the idea of Open Space, demonstrate how it operates in practice by having each of the facilitators come to the front, put a card on the ‘market-place’ and briefly describe their proposed session. We will invite the other participants to suggest or propose other topics. We will then review who is interested in each session and move into the activities. It is possible, depending on numbers, that some of the facilitators may not have participants, in which case they can join one of the other face2face activities or indeed one of the other sessions.

Intro, icebreaker
Roxi, Gauri
Open space
Ewen, Pete

Some outputs