Focus Group session on AgInfo Strategies

Organizers/ Focal Point(s)

Krishan Bheenick and SADC group

Aims of the session

The ‘SADC Network of AR&D Information Managers’ will ‘present’ the concept of the Agricultural Information, Communication and Knowledge Management Strategy (AICKM) Development process.

This comprises the “Ice Cream in a three-legged pot for policy makers – a story about Information, Communication & Knowledge Management policy development in the SADC region”. They will relate their story and highlight some of the successes they have in areas of information sharing as well as discuss some of the challenges they are facing in implementation. These will be mostly presented in a story-telling fashion.


1. Agenda for the session

2. Facilitators:

  • Content -
  • Process -

3. Knowledge Sharing technique used (if any):


Seife Ayele (ILRI) will talk about "Farmers’ access to and use of knowledge: review and synthesis of research in Ethiopia". This talk will highlight significant attributes that seem to have the most impact on farmer's access and use of knowledge based on 10 research papers done during the implementation of the IPMS project in Ethiopia. (


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